NFPA20 Package


  1. State of the art engineering design;
  2. Simplifies piping design;
  3. Single source unit responsibility;
  4. A complete package that meet NFPA20 requirements;
  5. Packaged systems are performance and hydrostatically factory tested at an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility prior to shipment;
  6. No material lost due to on-site material handling;
  7. Improves the speed of construction and reduces on-site installation time;
  8. Only external suction, discharge and power connection are required on-site.


Available pump types and configurations:
Pump types:
Split-case pump, End suction pump, Vertical turbine pump, In-line pump
Configuration types:
1.Electric motor driven fire pump group , Diesel engine driven fire pump group , jockey pump

2.Diesel engine driven fire pump group , jockey pump

3.Electric motor driven fire pump group,jockey pump


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